Cadet School System Karak

cadet school system

“Don’t be the last to jump on a trend. Be the first to set it.”


A mosque (Masjid) was built on the school's campus. It has a capability to hold roughly 1500 Namazies simultaneously. In addition to the five daily prayers, this stunning mosque also offers Jumma prayers, Travih prayers during Ramadan, and Eid prayers.


There is a tuck shop or canteen in the school that offers students controlled prices on refreshments and other products they need for daily life.
Additionally, it allows them to take a breather during their busy daily

Sports Fields

On the school grounds, there are facilities for games including table tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and other indoor sports. However, outdoor Grounds are utilized for sports including cricket, hockey, football, and obstacles.


The school library has a sizable collection of encyclopedias, fiction, non-fiction, and religious works. Daily newspapers, regional and international publications, and magazines are all subscribed to. The library also has e-book capabilities.

Medical Center

The College has a dispensary that is run by a licensed physician known as a resident medical officer (RMO), who is supported by a dispenser. All medical expenses and facilities that the school provides to the Cadet as part of their tuition must be covered by the parent or guardian. In general, the College has only offered minimal coverage for sports-related injuries brought on by mishaps or minor illnesses.

Cadet Mess

The Cadet Mess at the School is nicely furnished. The Messing Officer oversees the Mess's overall operation. Health and hygiene concerns for the Cadets are given first importance. It is made sure that Cadets receive the healthiest, most nutritional meals possible. A committee made up of the Senior House Master, Vice Principal, Resident Medical Officer, and representatives from the Cadets controls and sets the menu and food quality.

Computer Lab

A modern, fully-equipped computer lab has been set up to give pupils the chance to study and develop their IT abilities. For the best monitoring and guiding of the students, a qualified computer teacher has been assigned.

Science Lab

The School features well-equipped Chemistry, Physics, and Biology labs that are run by knowledgeable Teachers with the assistance of Lab In-charges. These resources allow the Cadets to develop their practical skills.

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