Cadet School System Karak

cadet school system



In order to give cadets a relaxing and tranquil place to stay, CSSK has fully furnished four houses with all required amenities (Wi-Fi, telephone, electrical backup, indoor games facilities, TV lounge). Any forbidden objects cannot be in the possession of cadets.

The college website has a list of prohibited products. These residences bear the names of Islam’s four greatest caliphs (Khlfa-e-Rashdeen). During the reigns of our four caliphs/Khalifah, Islamic history has witnessed numerous noteworthy triumphs, justice, wisdom, peace, and prosperity.

Each house accommodates cadets on sharing basis. Each house is looked after by a house master. Each house master is responsible to ensure the observance of study hours and other relevant rules, guidelines and instruction provided from time to time.


Following items are declared as prohibited to be possessed by the cadets within the premises of CSSK.

  •  Any kind of weapon
  •  Musical instruments
  •  Any chemical material
  •  Any kind of smoking material including Niswar.
  •  Any kind of addiction material
  •  Any controversial literature, books etc.
  •  Any other item declared as prohibited by the Govt. or college authorities.
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